Tell Sen. Feinstein to protect Californians from Jeff Sessions’ anti-marijuana crusade!

Sen. Dianne Feinstein has been a consistent obstacle to protecting states’ medical marijuana and legalization laws from federal interference. With Attorney General Jeff Sessions revoking the Cole Memo that protected state-legal activities from federal law enforcement, voters need her to start standing up for them. 

Please call Sen. Feinstein’s office today at (310) 914-7300 (Southern California) or (415) 393-0707 (Northern California). Your call will be answered by a staff member or it will go to voicemail.

Before you call, please look over the talking points and decide what points you’d like to make. If you or loved ones would be impacted by a federal crackdown, you may want to share that information. It may also be worth mentioning if you’ve voted for Sen. Feinstein in the past.

Please be polite, concise, and respectful (most staff members are probably on our side anyway), and always remember, we are trying to persuade decision makers, not alienate them. Thanks for taking the time to take action! 

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