Vt.: Please call your representatives, and ask for their vote in favor of H. 170 — allowing adults to possess and grow small amounts of cannabis!

Type in your address and phone number, and our automated system will call your phone number to connect you to one of your state representatives after providing his or her name. You’ll have the option of calling your other state representative(s) after the first call. 

Please be aware that representatives do not have offices or staff, so your call will likely go to the representative’s mobile phone or home phone. Please be polite, concise, and respectful. Always remember, we are trying to persuade lawmakers, not alienate them. 

Thank you for helping to make history!

If you speak with one or more representatives, let us know how it went! Please share details by emailing msimon@mpp.org. If a representative is undecided and expresses specific concerns, we will do our best to help you address those concerns and earn their vote.

Please enter your contact information to start making phone calls.

How does Click to Call work?

  1. Enter your phone number and any other required information, then click the 'Start Making Phone Calls' button.
  2. You will see a list of targets to call. Choose a target, and click the 'Click to Call' button.
  3. You will receive an automatic phone call from this system. It will ask you to press a key to confirm that you'd like to make the call.
  4. You will be connected directly to the target so you can let them know how you feel about this issue. You can use the provided talking points to help.